The World’s First Integrated Ergonomic PC Recliner
“Laziness”,one of major driving forces
Sources of innovation and imagination
uChair PC recliner
More relaxed, more healthy
“Sit back, relax, and type in comfort with this ergonomic split keyboard. Just don't nod off’’, CNET

“Amazing Technologies and Futuristic Projects Presented at CES 2013,the recipe for a full day’s work (or gaming)”,Technology Personalized
“World’s First Integrated Ergonomic PC Chair - uChairlaunched in 2013 CES”, China Central Television (CCTV-1)

“Allowing you to sit back comfortably and let you work along with a relaxing seating experience’’,
“Would you like to enjoy in a recliner in work for the computeritis?” 36Kr

“You would love the relaxed experiences, once you personal lay back into uChair”2014 Top 10 Most Favorite Hardware
“Say no to Computeritis, you could relax and enjoy PC in uChair”21 Century Report

Innovative Integrated Ergonomic Human Relax System
Found Integrated Ergonomic Theory and Application Technology
7 Adjust Mechanism System
Full meet the users’ need of relax and comfort in different gesture
7 Adjust Mechanism System
Full meet the users’ need of relax and comfort in different gesture
Zero Gravity, More Comfortable
SpaceX Spaceship Seat

126(±7)degree’s position, recommended as the position for astronauts during rocket launch by NASA, is the best ergonomic gesture for your body to fully relax and reduce utmost pressure to your eyeballs and ?vertebration, helping you enjoy the PCs in Zero Gravity.
Innovative Mass Customization
Perfect fit to your own body curve
What is look like with uChair in your work or life?

Keyboard Holder

Laptop Holder

Tablet Holder

Support Main Brand Key Board
Weight 2.0 KG
Size 250*250 mm

Support Main Brand Laptop
Weight 2.0KG, Weight of Laptop< 10KG
Size 250*250 mm

Support Main Brand Tablet
Weight 2.5 KG
Size 250*250 mm





Gross Weight

Package Size
Input:220V Output:220V

L 2550 mm * W 1250 mm * H 1500 mm


80 KG

90 KG

L 2650 mm * W 1350 mm * H 1600 mm
Color Choice  
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